Serenade for the Crow that Fell - 7 Inch Vinyl Single

by Two Ton Boa


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Serenade for the Crow that Fell

“a few spins of this superlative seven-inch should leave you impressed, inspired and determined to track down Fraser’s other offerings.”

“A few months after birth, infants can supposedly recognize their mother’s voice in a crowd of people. Such is also the case with Two Ton Boa — there’s nothing else quite like the grinding bass lines, mutant jazz-rock, overly depressing subject matter and Sherry Fraser’s wonderfully imposing voice. Hear it a few times and it’ll immediately rise above the tired sounds that fester in the seemingly bottomless cauldron of indie rock ‘n’ roll mediocrity.

Even before you listen to “Serenade for the Crow That Fell”, you expect something dark and ominous. The drab olive green and matte black sleeve art, complete with a cartoonish crow, suggests that something gloomy must reside between the vinyl grooves. A haunting Fraser immediately creeps and crawls her way over the funereal
marching music, recalling a less caustic Jarboe. Fraser’s powerful pipes are complemented by a foreboding mixture of gothic keyboards, humming bass and slinky guitar lines that creep through the riffs.

It’s almost comical (in a very black sort of way) to catch yourself singing along to “Your Favorite Bloody Patient”. With a chorus that mimics the song’s title, it’s not typical sing-along subject matter. A carnival-like organ opens the track as Fraser sings tunefully over its repeated riff; additional instruments introduce themselves one by one, eventually creating a thickly layered swarm of minor-chord infused rock. Fraser tightens the proverbial screws, effortlessly changing the tone and inflection of her voice. It’s provocative and sophisticated (you won’t find any humdrum indie schlock here), but never descends into prog-rock.

Fraser does an excellent job at exploring newfound musical territory without compromising on melody. Two Ton Boa is edgy and cocksure; a few spins of this superlative seven-inch should leave you impressed, inspired and determined to track down Fraser’s other offerings. See you at the record store!”

April 1, 2005 – Andrew Magilow, Splendid

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released November 23, 2004

Written by Sherry Fraser. Musicians: Sherry Fraser (bass, vocals, banjolele, baritone guitar); Ian Browne (drums); Nik Pesut (drums on Your Favorite Bloody Patient). Recorded and mixed by John Wozniak at Mushroom Studios, Vancouver BC.